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Yummy Crepes


 I will be making crepes
tomorrow morning for my son
nothing fancy
just the basic crepe
and I'll just stuff it with nutella
and bananas.
But just thinking
about it
made me search
the net for some really
yummy looking crepes and
their recipes.
Here they are,

 Chocolate Banana Crepes

 Chocolate crepes with strawberries and cream

 Peaches & Cream crêpes

 Apple Cinnamon Crepes


 Lemon Sugar Dessert crepes

Ham and Gruyere crepe

 Pear French Crêpes

 Lemon Crepes With Sweetened Ricotta

 Pumpkin Crepes


Pura Vida said...

This really makes me miss cooking breakfast for my little ones. Pancakes often crepes not so much. You are a good mom!

Jeanne said...

So yummy!!! Drool worthy pics!

Angelique Kalogeropoulou said...

thats something I could die for! love love crepes..thx for sharing
you make me jealous

Shirley Tay said...

Great round-up of crepes, dear! Love them all! How about some Hello Kitty ones for me?? Hahaha! xoxo
Luxury Haven