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Glamorous Closet

This is such
 a glamorous closet.
The carpet is animal print
and look at that
designer shoe collection... so amazing.
This closet is so well organized
and beautifully arranged
and of course the contents
are so fabulous
that I am dreaming of
having one exactly like this
for myself.

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JeannLiew | Luminnej said...

Love most everything about the space except for the leopard print carpet, not my kind of thing *_^

Patricia loves fashion said...

Lovely closet, wish I would have the same one day :D :D

Leah and Rachel Collins said...

Wow! This room is so beautiful. I'd love a place like this!

Мария Рябич said...

wooow! wonderful places!

Pardon My Obsession said...

Oh my, i want this exact same one !!