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Farmhouse converted into a Contemporary Home

I love the idea
of transforming old things 
to new ones
but retaining the beautiful
parts and essence of the
old one. Like this old Farmhouse
converted into a contemporary home
in Belgium.
Oh I love the brick walls
in both the exterior
and interior of the house
and the spacious outdoors
is divine.
This home has so much charm
and even with the
contemporary furniture
and surrounding
you can still feel and see
the serene and charming old
farmhouse in this 
contemporary home.

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designchic said...

I'm such a lover of light and sunshine coming in a house…these windows would be amazing!!

Pura Vida said...

Once upon a time we were going to buy a train depot to renovate and live in that could have looked much like this. We could never locate the seller and finally it was sadly sold and demolished by someone with no vision