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Sneaker Love

There used to be a time
when sneakers are
worn with jeans, shorts and
sweatpants only
or when you are running
but not anymore.
Many fashionistas are now
rocking the sneakers
with their skirts, dress,  and
even gowns. Woman
are even wearing them to
their wedding...
and why not?
Sneakers are so comfy
and I love their style.
Sneakers appeal to me
very very much.




Agnes W said...

The gold and leopard ones rock! Thanks for the visit :)

House of Illusions

Lorena said...

I must admit I am not a sneakers person !
I don't like how they look on me.

Tyana Yasmeen said...

Those are such beautiful sneakers, I just love them

check me out


Pura Vida said...

the sneakers with the dressy is so cute!

Carol vega said...

greats pics!!!!
kisses :)