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Minimalist and Vibrant London Home

I love the amount of 
natural light
and air that gets in 
in this minimalist and vibrant
London home.
The flooring in and out
are awesome
and those glass walls make
it look so fresh and even spacious.
The shelving in this London home
is elegant and smart
the kitchen's open shelves
are organized, neat,
and more importantly
pleasing to the eyes.
And so are the shelves in other
like in the living room
bedroom and in what I suppose is
a closet,
the one with the beautiful chairs 
and a tree stump,
and the bathroom shelving
near the tub is smart and
space saving and pretty.
The use of space
in the dining room and kitchen
 is lovely
minimalist and yet bright
and cozy
and I love a dining room
with a view of the backyard
especially if that is a beautiful garden
as in the case of this minimalist
London home.


1 comment:

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: fabulous house in London. Very chic. Keep in touch