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A Beautiful Eclectic Home

I love the look
of this beautiful eclectic home.
In some spaces you see leather couches
and armchairs and in another
one you see floral fabrics covering
some chairs
and still in other
spaces you see all wood,
rustic and sturdy woods.
I love the wooden beams
it gives off a lot of character
and warmth in this home.
Oh I love the bedrooms of this
eclectic home
they look so relaxing and the
glass walls and windows gives
a very good view of the outdoors.
And speaking of the outdoors
this beautiful eclectic home
has a really nice and serene porch
with flower pots and a place for 
barbeque and gathering.


The Dainty Dolls House said...

What a stunning home, it's so light and airy as well :) So much space. The kitchen is amazing...beautiful xx

Pura Vida said...

crazy about all those wonderful windows!

Stephanie G said...

beautiful homes :)

Anonymous said...

Despite that this is not my favourite style, I like that house