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Wonderful Place for Christmas

This is a wonderful place
to stay for Christmas in case you
opt to spend the holidays away
from home, a lovely place
to have your winter wonderland dreams
come true.
Oh how cozy the rooms look
and the outdoors look so dreamy.




Pura Vida said...

incredible spaces...I do love that entry! and the snow is wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Charming!! What a lovely home


The Dainty Dolls House said...

What a wonderful home, wouldn't mind being trapped inside there with the snow :) xx

Madzia Pietrowska said...

Wow, beautiful place :)

nannykim said...

love it

Algodão Tão Doce said...

Feliz Natal!!! Que a manjedoura do seu coração esteja pronta para receber o Menino Jesus que irá nascer!!!
Um ano novo repleto das bençãos de Deus!!!
Doce abraço, Marie!

Brook said...


London Loafers said...

Looks simply magical! :)

Happy holidays!


trishie said...

That fireplace! Oh I'd love to spend my xmas there. Happy Holidays to you Ann.

Ela said...

Really wonderful place :)
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !

Nicola @ The Sequin Cinderella said...

Love this :) Merry Christmas x

LETICIA said...

wow! ythat is beautifu l and so inspiring!

Afina blog said...

grate winter rooms!

Pauline said...

those are wonderful places to spend the holidays!

Sonia De Macedo said...

Wow even though Christmas is long gone now I still yearn for a white Christmas, and now in this cute little palace! Love!

Happy New Year