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Charming Farm House with a Stable

This is a very beautiful
farm house with a stable.
The structure is elegant and the
interiors are simple but
I love the attic bedroom
it looks cozy and bright.
The fireplace area
is so inviting with those comfy
couches, white walls and exposed beams.
The outdoor areas
are relaxing and fresh
surrounded by nature and is
very spacious.



Marionetka Mody said...

wow! want to live there!

Martuuu9 said...

nice :)

chude inspiracje. said...

perfect inside!

Denisa said...

That house looks nice and I like that atmosphere. Have a great day.

Elle Sees said...

love how fresh and airy it looks

StyleIDnet said...

Wow! so beautiful, love the brick colors and the rustic feel, rustic-chic I should say because everything here is done with good, classy, taste.
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