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Lovely Apartment in Stockholm

This Apartment
in Stockholm is so lovely
and looks so fresh.
I love the colors that pops
out in this apartment
and all those
artworks on the walls are
all so beautiful.



trishie said...

Love that pink rug...very pleasing to the eye.

The Dainty Dolls House said...

Quite gorgeous, love the sweet colours :)) x

monica said...

love the wood floors and vaulted ceilings

S said...

Love the pop of colors on the white!
That blue wall is a very good idea!

Imogen said...

The touches of pink and blue are so pretty.

J. said...

I agree, it looks really nice! Love the little pops of color!

island-shii said...

Wow, that is so lovely.
Sigh, I can't wait till I have my own home so I decorate it prettily like this :)

borka gamero said...

Great post! Lovely pictures, I adore the combination of gray and turquoise!
Kisses from Miami,