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Gorgeous Russian Apartment

This Russian Apartment
is gorgeous
I love so many elements
in this home that makes it so
charming like the color reds that
just pops out beautifully
in this white walls and ceilings
The decors and design accents
are chic and
the mix of textures
are lovely like in the dining area
you have a rustic table paired with
beautiful red chairs and the shiny
lamps above and the lovel y silver bowl.
Also love the white bricks and
white flooring which gives
this gorgeous apartment
a lot of coziness.
And the colored bedroom
looks so chic with blue brick walls
and that inviting bed with a fur pillow and
white door headboards.



Francesca Romana Capizzi said...

Beautiful apartment a mix of modern and antique!

Joana said...

I can't say I absolutely love this because I don't like some of the bigger pieces, like the lamps. I feel they are too overwhelming and overpowering, but I get why they're there, since it's a mix of modern and antique. said...

That place was absolutley stunning!
I can't get over how great that was designed. When can I move in? :)

Antonella Leone said...

so beautiful <3<3

blackberryfashion said...

amazing desings :)

CoutureTrend Jessica said...

Fantastico questo appartamento!

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Beauty said...

Nice. A great and unique mix of rustic and modern.

StyleIDnet said...

I think the dinning room and the bedroom with blue brick walls are my favorite. great design.

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Sam said...

I am awe-inspired by the exquisite decor, really inspiring! Thank you for sharing your Cannes fashion insight with me. Wishing you have great week ahead!

Kelly {Sparkles and Shoes} said...

I agree, absolutely beautiful! I am about to pin half of your post!

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Amber said...


Michaela said...

It looks REALLY nice, loving those candles!

kim bim said...