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Cozy Country Home in Greece

Oh gosh,
love this cozy country home
in Greece,
so relaxing
and very inviting.
I also love the presence of 
the color turquoise
in this house.
I love the simplicity
of the interiors
and the serene ambiance.
Anybody would feel relaxed
and rejuvenated in this
cozy country home.



Martuuu9 said...

very nice :)

Winnie said...

Love the touch of turquoise!

Real College Student of Atlanta said...

love that turquoise, so calming!!

Denisa said...

I really like that style and i hope.. One day I ll have a house like that. Have a great weekend.

barefoot duchess said...

I live in a beautiful country with people of great sense of style!!

juliemery Bibbò said...

Very nice ..
kiss kiss