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Beautiful Blue and White Home

This beautiful blue and white
home is very inviting
aside from having a very
calm and relaxing
color combo it also has very
lovely furniture and little
decor treasures displayed here and there
that makes it feel so welcoming.
The other rooms that did not use
blue and white are very tasteful
with the black and white colors and have 
lovely grey walls.
This house is a beautiful
mix of American style,
English coziness and Scandinavian



Lilli said...

This colors scheme is really lovely and calming:) Make me feel quiet seeing it! Adorable decor too! xo

Francesca Romana Capizzi said...

I love the blue and white combination!
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Beauty said...

Oh My! I love, love interior decoration and I love your blog. I'm definitely following your blog now and you can follow back too if you want..

barefoot duchess said...

Love this color combination

beAllTheRage said...


Jessica Neumann said...

Bellissimi colore

Anonymous said...

Love the blue color!
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Milex said...

Absolutely adore this l

Jessica Neumann said...

Great Post, you're gorgeos

Rebecca and Lori said...

Great inspiration pics!