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A Relaxing Loft in Paris

This is a very relaxing loft
in Paris.
I love the stone wall
it gives so much warmth and character
in this mostly white and black loft.
I also love that there are
a lot of plants inside
it makes this loft look so fresh.
The skylights is a cool
feature of this loft too
and the bedroom
I just love the simplicity of it,
it might be simple though
but it looks so comfy and relaxing.



Marika said...

Amazing loft!!!
l love white design!

Tania Pagliai said...

really great blog and nice pics!
Step by me if you have time, we might follow each other!!!

Gillian said...

What a serene space. I like the way they've brought such big plants inside, it's very striking.

Julie (Little Pink Rain Boots) said...

I love all the light that the apartment allows and the brick wall really adds character.