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Meg Ryan's Beach Retreat

This is actress Meg Ryan's
beach retreat in Martha's Vineyard.
I love the whiteness
of all the rooms
which makes the house so
relaxing and serene.
I also love her laidback and 
relaxed design
that definitely has
touches of elegance too.
I love the ceilings
 they have
character and style
and their lighting fixture
are beautiful.
And my favorite room
in the house
is the kitchen with its glass windows
and rustic table and
wonderful brick storage pantry.



Miss Top Ten Image said...

Wooow!! Beautiful house!!

Nina Rachel said...

such lovely pictures! if we have our own apartment we will definitely have a loooooot of white:)
lots and lots of love

designchic said...

I just love that it's so wonderfully simple. Love the white color palette - could move right in!!