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Fabulous Lakefront House

This lakefront house is real fabulous.
I mean the arhitecture
is awesome
and I love the interiors
which has a touch of rustic
and modern.
I love the living room
with its lovely fireplace and
with its really high
ceiling and bright surrounding.
And I love the skeleton of the house
the reclaimed wood by
the stairwell
I really think that looks fabulous.
And with a view like that
I'd be a happy homemaker
if this house was mine.

source: boston globe


Simona lakenmoon said...

Fantastic, I want to move in!

PURA VIDA said...

oh just in time for lake front weather!

Gillian said...

What a stunning home! I love the way you can see the beams inside and the shape of the house, and it's so full of light and space.

Gillian x