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A Hotel that Feels like Home in Spain

This hotel in Spain is so
homey and inviting
that it makes you feel at home right
away.   Although my son wants to feel
like he is not at home when he is in a hotel
he wants to really feel he is on a vacation
or traveling and really away from
home, me and most people I know wants to
feel right at  home even
when staying in a hotel.
I love how this hotel La Posada de Olivar
looks like especially the rustic
stone walls
with just a tiny window on the cozy living room.
The kitchen looks sleek
with its modern appliances
with stone walls as backsplash
and a red ceiling just above
the cooking area.
And I also love the
chill out space with its colorful
walls and relaxed surrounding.

source: micasa 


The Dainty Dolls House said...

Wouldn't mind going here, so nice!! Have a wonderful weekend x

barefoot duchess said...

Amazing color combinations! So warm and cozy!!

Barbara Materi said...

Amazing place!! :)

Thank you for your comment! I follow you now with Google friend connect!! Hope you'll do the same!!
I wait for you in my blog!



Corinne said...

Gosh, that hotel is STUNNING! I'd love to stay there.

Corinne x