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A Romantic White Villa

This romantic white villa
is so inviting
and looks so restful.
All the furniture are comfy
and each space exudes
a laidback feel but with
a hint of elegance and luxury.
I love the bedroom with its pops of
purple and the bathroom with
that lovely window and its delicate and dainty
white drapes...  and oh 
that old Scandinavian clock too.
And look at that piano between the
dining room and living room
perfect  when having some guests over.


source: Weranda


Suze said...

My sister, a graphic designer, decorates her home almost entirely in white. It seems impractical but she pulls it off -- with two children!

bridechic said...

I do wish I had the skill to put together those white slip covers. They really are chic . . . .

Deidre said...

Gah, I dream of the stove and oven! Beautiful. Although I'd be scared with all that white that I'd spill something on it - because knowing me, I WOULD!

Sazi Efionayi said...

lovely pictures