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A House of Beautiful Mix of Styles

This is a home of beautiful
mix of styles, color, and textures.
Each room and space is special on its own.
I love the living room with its fresh and light ambiance
and I also adore the bedroom with its lovely
brick walls and ceilings.
Each space may have a different design style 
from each other 
but they create one beautiful home.




source: NuevoEstilo


Kati said...

Love the injections of colour!
And thanks so much for stopping by my blog!


Nina Normalo said...

Wow! This is an incredible home!

lila Braga said...

wow!! the post today is so inspiring,so colorful and vibrant!!!
great taste again!

Lauren said...

I love eclectic homes with treasures collected with love over time!

Lauren at adorn la femme

barefoot duchess said...

Love the combination of turquoise and brown! I used it in my living room extensively!!

Claudia and Andrew Lane said...

I love this house, it's perfect! I want to move in right now! thanks for sharing. Claudia x

PURA VIDA said...

pink does pop doesn't it?