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Serene White Villa in Santorini, Greece

It is the weekend once again... perfect time to relax and rejuvenate and maybe to travel. But we know not all of us can just catch a plane and go to our dream destination.  So today, for all of you like me
who dreams of spending a quiet weekend with our family and just relax in a very serene and lovely villa in Santorini, Greece, join me as we go to a virtual vacay.  Enjoy and relax!

History of the villa from WB:
“Imerovigli Villa is a Patrician mansion built by Greeks from Egypt in the 1850’s. It was abandoned for almost 50 years after the major earthquake in 1956 until we bought it some 5 years ago. We have since then undertaken a major refurbishment which was completed two years ago.” 


Cafe Fashionista said...

I'm seriously in heaven right now. I LOVE Greece; and I love these spaces. Gorgeous! :)

Sofia said...

Thanks for your sweet comment.
Of course we can follow each other.
I'm following you now on gfc and on bloglovin.

Melissa Blake said...

LOVE this!! Looks like the perfect hideaway!

kathy said...

Whooooaaaa so gorgeous :)