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It is Relaxing, Modern and Green

This modern beach house is relaxing, has great views of Cape Cod Bay and most of all it is Green. Now, how cool is that? It is also furnished with custom bamboo furniture and cabinetry. The modern design of this beach house did not complicate nor contradict the concept of a beach house being a haven for relaxation, comfort, and a place for taking it easy. This 7,000 square ft. beach house in Truro is very much spacious and airy and allows natural light to get in on almost every part of the beach house. This beach house according to its builder, Silvia & Silvia Custom Builders, “The Energy Star certified home features a geothermal well, zero carbon footprint, and a photovoltaic system which allows electricity produced and not consumed, to be pushed back to the grid.”

Designed by: Zero Energy

Built by: Silvia & Silvia Custom Builders


Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Very cool! So spacious. And the light...all that glorious light! Can you imagine looking out from in on a snowy day? It snows at the cape, yes?

once in a blue moon... said...

really enjoyed looking over your blog, so many fantastic ideas, it makes me churn inside for a new home~

Helen said...

The be all - end all dream home! Thanks for visiting me. I will return to Mom's Turf for repeat visits!

sealaura said...

love that house. I especially love the turqouise in the aerial shot. I agree with Linda, light is essential and I love windows. Norm and I would be very happy there! Thanks for visiting me.

TheDecoDetective said...

Lovely house! Good that you're featuring some green homes also=) Thanks for your comment!