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Stunningly Inviting Fireplaces

Drake Design Associates

A fireplace is just basically a place to hold or have fire usually for heating purposes. But where you place or position a fireplace in your home and how you design that particular space is very important because it can influence the ambience and feel of your home. It is also a good idea to make your fireplace a focal point in your home, thus it is usual for us to see fireplaces in the living room and family rooms where social interaction and conversation are usually held. A fireplace adds warmth, comfort, and coziness to your home as well as it gives style and elegance to a space. The structure of the fireplace is important but the design of the surrounding area is as important. Furniture, fixtures and décor to use in the fireplace area is every important to create the kind of design style you want to achieve. Below are a few of the most inviting and stylish fireplaces from classic and rustic to contemporary and modern designs.

Caminetti Montegrappa

Architecture by Peter Cebulak/Interior Design by Katherine Newman

Decorator: Karin Blake

JFL Architects

Sills Huniford and Associates

Chateau St. Philippe in France

Martha Stewart's Maine Guesthouse

Designer: Mimi Maddock McMakin

Cabañas Rincon del Lago in Argentina

Interior Architecture by Karin Payson/Interior Design by The Wiseman Group

Designer: Kathryn M. Ireland

Designer: Nancy Bozhardt

Villa Schifanoia in Tuscany, Italy


karey m. said...

had to kirtsy this!

thanks for brilliant collections like this and the sexy chairs!

Mrs.French said...

great collection....I won't even look at a house without a fireplace....

Findley House said...

Those are some stunning fireplaces and rooms with so much character. I'd love to go on a winter vacation to the JFL Architects one and just cuddle up in front of that fireplace, the whole room looks amazing with such a high ceiling/roof. I can only dream one day to have something similar!