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A Stylish Couple’s Weekend Home

This 150-year-old impressive white farmhouse belongs to the stylish couple Frédéric Fekkai, the famed celebrity hairstylist, and Shirin von Wulffen, current director of communications for Tom Ford North America. The couple leads a glamorous and jet-set lifestyle because of their respective work and careers but when they want peace and quiet and to have days of relaxation, they head to their Millbrook Farmhouse 80 miles north of Manhattan. The property has four barns and a 27-acre lake on more than 350 acres. Frederic’s love of hunting and Shirin’s penchant for rugs are very much incorporated in the design of the house. The shed-antler chandelier in the dining room from Black Forest Décor is eye-catching and compliments the stunning 18th-century painted architectural panel. I just adore the Breakfast Area with its brick walls and exposed wooden beams and vintage pendant lamps …it is just so quaint and charming. The living room is warm, cozy, and bright, decorated with a classy Turkish Kilim rug and a deerskin-covered ottoman. The lake and its marvelous view is something that takes my breath away, it must really be great to have such a lovely weekend home with relaxed and elegant interiors coupled with wonderful outdoor scenery.

“There’s nothing complicated here,” “You can come in, drop everything, and just relax.” – Shirin von Wulffen

Decorated by :Selina van der Geest
Renovated by :Cynthia Filkoff of Di Biase Filkoff Architects.
Photographer: Roger Davies

Photos: PointClickHome


Alyssa said...

That was wonderful! Love that kitchen:) Someday, right??

Ionela said...

I like your site!

Jan said...

That kitchen is a dream of a place to hang out. The whole house says comfort.

Mrs.French said...

are you kidding? I hope they don't mind if the Frenches decide to move in and the good new is that I wouldn't change a thing.

quaint handmade said...

not fair - great hair and a great country home! and, it looks really complicated and glamorous to me, but i'd suffer ;).

interior designs said...

It’s really fantastic.