Living on High Grounds

I am a bit afraid of heights and that is why I prefer to live in a house planted straight from the grounds. A house with lush gardens and preferably spacious inside and out. I love to have good views from my living room but I would have to settle for landscaped garden views or sometimes from just a good artwork or painting. Unlike me, there are many people who prefer to live on higher grounds, in fact, the higher the better for them. The topmost space is the best, after all, it is the most pricey isn’t it? The Penthouse has the best view and the most private and elite. Only the affluent can afford to live in a penthouse apartment where the clear air and stunning sky views are an everyday pleasure. And though I’m not much into living on high grounds, I would definitely give it a try if it would be in one of these three fabulous and elegant penthouse apartments. In fact, I’m pretty sure I would enjoy it very much to stay even for just a day in these elegantly designed penthouse apartments. The first one is a Neo-classical Penthouse on the Upper East Side in Manhattan designed by Juan Pablo Molyneux, the second one is a Penthouse in Boston with extensive terraces with stunning views designed by William Hodgins, and the third one is an airy and spacious Modern Tribeca Penthouse filled with artworks whose Interior, Architecture and Design was handled by Shelton, Mindel & Associates. If you were to pick the kind of Penthouse Living for you and your family which of these three equally fabulous Penthouse Apartments would it be?

Neo-classical Upper East Side Penthouse

This Upper East Side Penthouse invokes Old World grandeur. A 17th-century coromandel screen in the living room wall, a 19th-cen-tury French pedestal table and chairs complimented by a giltwood chandelier in the dining room, a marble head of Aphrodite, circa 340 b.c., and another of Hera, from the 1st century, flank a statue of Sylvanus made in the 1st or 2nd century and Edelman leather on chairs from Sotheby’s on the entrance hall are just some of the treasures in this marvelous Penthouse.

Boston Penthouse

This Boston Penthouse exudes luxury, relaxation, and freshness. It made use of pale colors complimented with interesting antiques pieces here and there. I just love this penthouse apartment’s wraparound terrace and deep bay windows, they make the place look more spacious and inviting. Designer William Hodgins selected a Louis XVI commode and a George II giltwood mirror on the entrance hall reflects the handsome Renoir’ 1910 Baigneuse Assise drawing.

Modern Tribeca Penthouse

This Modern Tribeca Penthouse is filled with numerous artworks and very interesting pieces of furniture. I love the look of the long gallery inside this modern penthouse, which features a five etched German sheet-metal gratings by Rachel Whiteread placed above a white shelf with colorful Pol Chambost ceramics that adds a dash of color in this wonderful space. An Arne Jacobsen chair, a Hans Wegner bench and a glimpse of the Steinway piano completes the ultra-modern look of this hallway.


Country French Antiques said...

I'm with you, prefer to stay grounded although the Boston Penthouse is pretty nice! Maybe just for a weekend. :)

Christina Lee said...

I prefer grounded too. Lovely pictures!!!

Soleil King said...

I love the modern penthouse, looks so spacious and has nice artworks. I want to be surrounded by beauty. I could live there forever.

made sweet said...

these are beautiful! i'm so glad you commented on my blog so that I could discover yours. Love your style and good taste.

Savvy Mode SG said...

i like the modern penthouse but all three places are drool worthy.

Melissa Lewis - Off The Wall said...

You know, I like nice things and all, but those just don't seem like they feel like a home. I'll take my small little house any day:)

Great post!