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A Luxurious Pueblo Style Villa

Casa Alcini is a luxurious pueblo style villa. Pueblo houses which are also called adobe houses have certain features like massive walls with round edges, flat roofs, rounded parapet, earth-colored stucco wall surfaces and hand-built look. Pueblo style houses are inspired by the simple adobe structures built by the native Americans and ancient tribes. Pueblos are comfortable, eco-friendly and suited for places with dry climates. Casa Alcini in Cabo, San Lucas, Mexico and is just a walk away from the Pacific Ocean Beach. Wouldn’t it be nice to sleep peacefully in a very stylish and elegant bedroom and be able to swim in the pristine Pacific Ocean beach the next minute? I just love a house that has all the comforts that modern amenities can offer inside and has the best of natural surroundings outside. And the interiors of the villa is something every person with exquisite design taste and style would love and adore. We all have dreams of a perfect beach vacation and I wouldn’t mind spending it here in fabulous Casa Alcini in Cabo San Lucas.



franki durbin said...

I would be inclined to reupholster everything in sight... but the views and the building itself is perfection!

Sandra Ree said...

There's my "cottage" on the beach! Seriously, that's one gorgeous villa!

Fifi Flowers said...

Love Cabo... I can't believe how it has built up! First time I went to Cabo in 1985... it was bare! Used to go down every couple of years... I haven't been down in years... need to plan a trip!
Great photos!
Thanks for visiting my site... come back and visit!

Juegos de Ben 10 said...

That's one gorgeous villa!