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Easy Elegance

Easy elegance, that’s how most clients and other people would describe Amanda Nisbet’s design and spaces. Her endeavors include numerous high-end residential projects in the United States, Canada and Europe. Her projects are aesthetically wonderful and elegant yet not lacking comfort and functionality. I personally love her window treatments, they are always luxurious and stylish. Her living room creations are always warm, fresh and well-ventilated. They are perfect for family and friends gathering, whether for casual or formal entertaining where good conversations and tête-à-tête sessions will always be welcome and endearing. One will also notice her skillful use of beautiful luxurious fabrics that compliment the furniture and adding color and style to each of her room creations. Enjoy these wonderful spaces from Amanda Nisbet.

According to Amanda's website,
Untethered by design rules, Amanda brings a fresh energetic approach to a traditional sense of luxury. Colour, texture and form blend to create her trademark comfortable elegance. Her work seamlessly balances function and style, Classicism and Modernism, in surprising ways.


mary said...

Love those silhouettes!

Ann said...

Oh yes mary,
Those silhouettes are just so simple and yet so classy. You really must have an eye for design to notice them. Thanks for visiting.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ann! Glad you stopped by. I am having fun with the fabric I purchased. I have to say though, just when I think I figured out my style I see beautiful pictures of rooms like the ones you posted and I want to change again!!!lol Such crisp clean rooms but not cold! Very nice - I'll stop by again to see what else you find! Have a great 4th - Jeannette

TheDecoDetective said...

Hi Ann, thanks for stopping by =) Great interiors, I love the use of colour! Have a nice weekend!

Tracy said...

I am a big fan of color so this post was a breathe of fresh air from an otherwise crazy work week. I really can't pick a favorite each room is so lovely!