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A Classic Ceramic Teapot in Dragon Red and The Weekend Design Turf Surfing

Above is a Classic Ceramic Teapot in Dragon Red by artist Judith Weber. The gorgeous teapot is signed by Judith Weber on the bottom. Judith Weber is a studio potter who focuses on creating artworks for the table.

"I have always believed that the objects we use every day should not only function superlatively, but also enhance our lives aesthetically."Judith Weber

She specializes in custom-designed accessories that exemplify elegant design and purity of form. A striking, ever-changing palette is her way of creating visual excitement while maintaining her commitment to the principle of simplicity.

The Weekend Design Turf Surfing

Some worthwhile recommended readings and eye candies for the weekend from across the design net-world.

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Country French Antiques said...

Ann..I'm flattered!!
Merci beacoup for the mention and have a wonderful weekend!

Ann said...

Oh your post was so good I had a great time reading it. It sure deserves to be read by others.

Erin said...

Thanks for the mention!! :)

I just realized that I hadn't even added you to my blogroll yet. I added this blog, and your new one!

TheDecoDetective said...

Thank you so much for the mention Ann! You're already on my blogroll as you know, but I'll add you to my "mentions" list =)
Glad to see that you're back. Have a great Sunday!

Ann said...

Erin thanks so much for the add. The pleasure's mine. I really enjoy checking out your site, as you may have already noticed by now.

Cote de Texas said...

Whoa!!!!! ThankS!!!!!!!!!!!!