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I heart this …artsy living space

I heart this artsy living space by Thom Filicia, the resident interior design specialist of the Emmy Award winning TV Show “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy”. I am smitten by the featured space above because it looks so elegant, fresh, and inviting. The artwork on the wall makes the space look bigger and extends one’s vision that adds dimension to this pleasant space. The interesting wood sculptural piece on the left is something else, it is an eye-catcher that could be a good conversational piece among your friends and guests. The other decors like the lovely lamp the high white vase and even the small flowers that are placed perfectly enhance the elegance of this space. And of course, the furniture, the sturdy looking round table and the beautifully designed chairs are just perfect to make anyone concentrate on whatever activity you wish to accomplish in this elegant and artsy living space.

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