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I heart this . . . Comfy Modern Living Room

I heart this comfortable and modern living room and you can easily see why. The space is relaxed and is filled with natural light, makes it warm, comfortable and cozy. The mix of chairs is brilliant with no two pieces being alike but each blend well with the others. The artsy design and lovely colors of the chairs is also note-worthy and makes this living room truly interesting. The floor lamp makes a functional and stylish addition to this already lovely living room. The presence of books and the lighting makes it really inviting to lounge around in this modern living room and read during lazy afternoons or silent nighttimes. I just love the fusion of colors, furniture pieces, d├ęcors and placement of each piece in this living room. This comfortable modern living room is just simply a feast to the eyes. (Click image to see larger view)

photo: domino


Anonymous said...

I heart this as well. I love the colors and they are precisely placed just right.

I am a terrible interior designer. I can't put the simplest things together to make them look nice.

What am excellent find.

Cote de Texas said...

HI - great picture!!! you have a great blog, very interesting!!

thanks for your comment - much,much appreciated.