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An Awe-inspiring Residence

There are many factors that affect and help create an awe-inspiring room much more an awe-inspiring residence. Each room and space in the house should blend together in terms of design style, colors used, textiles and textures applied, and even the lighting function and style to be used. This awe-inspiring Aspen Residence created and designed by Emily Summers Design Associates succeeds in blending all necessary factors and features of each room and space to create one remarkable abode. The use of whites and neutrals are all over the house, the use of wood to add warmth and coziness are brilliant especially the big wooden beams that looks so quaint and charming, the eye-catching lighting fixtures used and the amount of natural light allowed to come in the living room, and the orderliness and clean lines employed in each room made this Aspen Residence look so stunning and stylish yet comfortable and very appealing.


SimplyGrove said...

I lOVE that chandelier in the first picture!!! Great post!

Anonymous said...

Very nice lighting fixtures...The skull on the home decor on the first pic made me smile. So, you can actually put a skull in an elegantly designed space and still make it work.

Nice blog you have here.