Small Bathrooms

The bathroom is one of the most important spaces of any home and having a nice and lovely one should be any homeowner’s goal. Designing a bathroom can be a challenging and a demanding task especially if you are working with only a small amount of space. Having a small space to use for a bathroom should not compromise your creating a bathroom that is both functional and pleasing. No matter how small the space that is available, it should be able to contain the most basic bathroom fixtures. There are some techniques and tricks in designing a small space bathroom. Use mirrors to give your small bathroom the illusion of being spacious but do not overdo it. One mirror is enough in a small space bathroom and if you feel that you can put more than one mirror because the space can still accommodate it, just stop yourself from adding it. Instead stick to using just one mirror but make it bigger. Another thing that will help you make your bathroom look more spacious is the proper use of lighting. Adding a light just before the door of the bathroom will add brightness and spaciousness to your bathroom. Installing a bathtub in a small bathroom can be done provided that the space would not be too cramped if you do so. It is always wise to choose standard sized toilet bowls and sinks, but choose the new designs and smaller ones as they are also known to conserve water. You can also add a small window in the upper portion of your bathroom to allow natural light and air to come in thus making it more cozy and breathable. Use light paints for your walls as they tend to make the space seem larger. The color white, beige, yellow, light blue and light green are some of the most commonly used colors for a bathroom. It is better to use bigger and light colored tiles and choose plain and simple designs. Lastly, it is best that you have enough storage space installed in your bathroom where you can put your towels, bath supplies and your other bathroom essentials. A clean and orderly bathroom is always better. Always remember that space is not a deterrent for you to create a bathroom that offers style, functionality, and practicality.

Below are some small bathroom design ideas that will hopefully inspire you to give style and functionality to your bathrooms.

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Anonymous said...

The white victorian one looks nice.

Anonymous said...

Question: We are remodeling; are more traditional in look. We want to use cup pulls in our bath but our contractor doesn't think it is appropriate and belives cup pulls are for use in the kitchen. Do people use cup pulls in bathrooms?