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Lovely Glassware from recycled Wine and Beer Bottles

These lovely glassware are from recycled wine and beer bottles. Recycling is not only good for the environment but can also be a beautiful thing. Not all things that we throw are garbage, we can make good and useful things from some of them just like these glasswares. From empty and discarded bottles, through recycling and a bit of creativity lovely tumblers, glasses, vases, goblets, and other glassware for the home are created. These glass items are colorful, functional, and well designed. They are not only lovely to look at but they are also functional items that you can really use. You can also display these glasses and use it as home d├ęcor especially the vases and the colorful ones. The Green Glass Co. is an environmentally friendly glass company that recycles wine and beer bottles into lovely home glass items. Featured below are some of their finest collection of recycled glassware.

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Devonia said...

Ann: Now that coat rack caught my attention. I LOVE the cyan..just think, I'd never have seen this 'cept for your post! Thanks! My bests, Devonia