Madonna’s Elegant Manhattan Residence

The Manhattan Residence of Pop Queen Madonna is very lovely, luxurious and classy. Madonna entrusted Christopher G. Ciccone, her brother and most trusted confidant to make the major design decisions and architect Stephen Wang of Procter and Wang carried them out. The residence has a classic early Art Deco look. I just love the luxurious carpets and the purple 1930’s American club chairs in one of the areas in the living room. The use purple in that living room area really gave the space the feel of luxury and opulence. Madonna’s love of the art is very evident in her Manhattan residence. Almost all areas of the abode have a painting on the wall. Madonna claims that she gets strength from them and that all the paintings she owns are powerful. This elegant and peaceful Manhattan apartment is what gives Madonna her much needed privacy and relaxation when she is in this side of the world.

Photos: Architectural Digest


Paul Pincus said...

I forgot about this piece...early 90's, no?

The Tamara de Lempicka's are still gorgeous.


Soleil King said...

What a lovely place. It would sure relax even a pop icon like Madonna.

What nice blog you have here.

Anonymous said...

For as much as he praised himself in his new book where he trashes his sister, I expected a little more. It's not amazing.

ANd where is his own website with all his artwork, etc.?