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I heart this . . . Dining Room Design Idea

I totally heart the design of this Dining Room because of its simple yet elegant style. Its design style is contemporary. It has clean lines, smooth surfaces and no complicated details around. The neat and organized appearance of this dining room makes the space warm and at the same time functional. There is no superfluous element to distract anybody’s attention from the main purpose and function of this room but at the same time the space looks livable, comfortable and stylish. A similar dining room design can easily be achieved in your own home without you having to buy too much and expensive stuff to make your dining room look stylish. Sometimes all it takes is a good design idea from a very talented designer to inspire us to create a lovely space. This elegant looking dining room was designed by Eric Henderson, an accomplished designer with over 15 years of design experience.

Note: This is the first of my I heart this … feature. Every week I will feature a lovely room or space to give inspiration for everyone to create a lovely living environment.

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