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Hotel Fox’s extremely Artistic Rooms

Hotel Fox is one of the world’s most exciting and creative lifestyle hotel. It is located in central Copenhagen. International artists from fields of graphic design, urban art, and illustration have lend their artistic abilities to make Hotel Fox’s every room unique and really far from the ordinary hotel rooms we are accustomed to. The interiors of each room in this creative hotel can be considered a work of art, it borders from whimsical to modern, to street graffiti, to dreamland creatures, to fairy tales and even to monster creatures. A stay in this lifestyle hotel is guaranteed to be like no other, guests can indulge in the luxury and beauty of each space as if you are on a dreamland of your own. And in the words of Hotel Fox’s own management: “One thing we promise: You haven't seen anything like it.”


King's Court 2 by Birgit Amadori

Spring Grove by Anke Vera Zink

Guardian Angel by Genevieve Gauckler

Sensuality by WK interact

You are a Baby by Boris Hoppek

Yume by Kinpro

Sweet Sleep by Genevieve Gauckler

Dryads by Rinzen

Highlights by Andreas Mindt

Strong Enough by Speto

SPARE by Antoine et Manuel

King's Forest by Birgit Amadori

Harmony's Helm by Friendswithyou

Shortcut by Antoine et Manuel

Geissenpeter by Benjamin Gudel

1 comment:

bathroombuzz said...

Love the King's Court 2 room, feeling like staying in a fairy room.