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Gorgeous Glass Art Pieces

Glass Art is using glass as an artistic medium. The glass objects are often used for decorative purposes especially in stylish homes but most of them can also be functional and useful. They make a space more lively and beautiful. Functional glass art pieces also makes simple things wonderful like pouring a red wine from a rolling wine decanter. The glass art pieces featured below are creations of Nicholas Kekic, a third generation glass maker. His glass art creations are stylish, colorful, elegant, and functional. His designs capture the fluidity of glass and its unique relationship with Light.

"I think of glass as a liquid that is frozen to room temperature in a controlled and sometimes precarious balancing act of heat, gravity, timing and human intervention."- Nicholas Kekic

Transparent Bottle

Violet, Midnight Blue and Green Pendant Lamp

Rolling Red Wine Decanter

Red, Orange and Yellow Incalmo Bowl

Miniature Form Study - Glass Vessels

Green Form Study - Glass Vessels

Frosted Three Part Incalmo Bowl

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I enjoyed the eye candy.