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The Bed is the heart of a Bedroom

A Bed is the heart of a bedroom. It should be the center of attention in any bedroom. Sometimes because of the many available bedroom decors, window treatments, and wall designs available in the market today, we tend to use a little too much of them in our bedroom which eventually grabs the attention away from the bed in our bedrooms. A bed does need not be designed elaborately to get the attention it deserves in the bedroom. It does not matter what kind of design style you choose for your bedroom your bed should be able to hold its own as the center of your bedroom even with all the other bedroom fixtures and decors. Lago is an Italian design company that offers solid and stylish beds. It is a leading furniture design company based in Italy, in the countryside near Venice and Padua. The Lago Beds will not be dwarfed nor can be ignored in any bedroom and even with minimal bedroom accessories and decors your bedroom will look chic and in style. The commanding presence of these beds is sure to add not only attention but style, elegance and comfort in any bedroom.


Yang L

Yang C

Yang G

Yang Y

Diamante DO3

Diamante DO1

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