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Resort Style Bedrooms

A resort style bedroom should exude the feeling of a relaxed, comfortable, laid-back surrounding. While all bedrooms should embody these three characteristics a resort style bedroom should make one feel extra laid-back as if one is on a perpetual holiday. We all love taking vacations because it makes us feel peaceful and rejuvenated, and you can have that same feeling if you have a resort style bedroom. Resort style bedrooms make ample use of natural and organic materials like wood. The color that is usually used is blue because it is the color of the ocean and blue invokes a peaceful and tranquil mood. Whites and neutrals can also be used as the major color. If white or neutrals will be the main color of the bedroom, it is good to add fixtures and decors with the colors of nature and happiness to make the room exude such ambiance. A resort style bedroom must be airy, fresh, and spacious or at least have the illusion of being one. An addition of a stylish ceiling fan or having big windows is a good way of creating an airy and fresh atmosphere for the bedroom. Another characteristic of a resort style bedroom is that it is not filled with unimportant fixtures and clutters, only the essential things should be present in the room. One reason why we feel very relaxed and peaceful while on vacation is that the rooms are not filled with our work table and other things that will remind us of our workload. The choice of a bed and the material it is made of is significant in creating a resort-themed bedroom. Since the bed is the main furniture in the bedroom it must exude a carefree, comfortable and relaxed feeling, the way we feel when we are on holidays. Taking a break or a vacation may not be a daily thing or a frequent thing for you but you can have that same feeling in your own home if you have a resort style bedroom where you can relax and unwind everyday.

Design ideas for a resort style bedroom.

Ty Pennington

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