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Whimsical Wall Clocks and Modern/Retro Wall Clocks

Man’s fascination with time, to others an obsession of time continues up to now since its concept was first introduced. A wide variety of things were invented to measure time. From the Egyptian’s bent T-square-like device, to the use of candles and incense, to our cellular phones, time is always there to remind us of our appointments, chores, and other things. Even now that we can see time almost everywhere we look, from our cellular phones, television sets, components, computers, and from some other devices, but the use of wrist watches and clocks still have not diminished a bit.

A wall clock is a clock mounted on the wall. Aside from its basic function to tell time wall clocks are also used to add beauty and style to a particular space. Wall clocks are also commonly used as wall decors in many houses. Wall clocks should be chosen to suit the interior design of the room or space it will be mounted on. A unique and interesting wall clock can be a conversation piece among your guests and friends. There are many types of wall clocks available to compliment whatever look or style your room or office space has, there are designer wall clocks from Howard Miller and other famed artists, eclectic wall clocks, artistic wall clocks, and others. But today I have posted whimsical and modern/retro style wall clocks from Maverick Creations. The whimsical wall clocks are hand-crafted and hand-painted. The modern/retro wall clocks are classy and elegant and would be a great addition in any modern and retro styled space or room.

Whimsical Wall Clocks

Sun and Moon

Cosmic StarsRed Heart House

Cat Clock

Rooster Clock

Autumn House

Eric's Star House

Modern/Retro Wall Clocks

1950s Starburst Clock

Yin Yan Clock

Circle of Life

Modern Geometric Clock

South Beach Modern

Lightning Bolt Wall Clock

Large Viking


Term Papers said...

nice clocks...

Wall Clocks Large said...

I love the lightening violet type of wall clocks stated. I think the modern design is idea for a new living room.

Thanks for sharing!

oak and natural wall clocks said...

I love simple designs in clocks because you can never go wrong with it. Love love love the 1950's starbust clock and the circle of life.