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Western Style Interior Design

Western Style Interior Design is often associated with the country, farmhouse and rustic look. Western Style homes usually make use of earthy colors with a dash of reds and yellows here and there, pottery home decors, leather sofas and ottomans, lots of wood and stones of different surfaces and textures. Another special feature of a Western Style home is the fireplace, here you can display various accessories like bronze sculptures, cowboy paintings, and enough supply of log woods adds to the rustic and western theme. Although this style may look masculine, you can balance it by using colorful fabrics for your quilts, bed sheets, and table napkins. Ceramic displays and clay tiles also adds a feminine feel and style. I love Western Style kitchens because of the hanging pans, the colorful window treatments, the potteries, the wine racks, the stone walls, and the fruits and spices display, it makes me want to cook and bake for my family the whole day. Western style homes often have cowboy memorabilia, antler lightings, fishing and hunting tools, with the addition of potteries, clay tiles, colorful quilts and other decors to make it have the homey, laid-back, and weathered look.

JLF and Associates is a Montana based design-build firm and is one of the most reputable in the United States that specializes in American Western designs. Their completed projects are simply marvelous, creating a place of warmth and comfort without trading beauty and nature. Below is their Livingood House project in Jackson, Wyoming.


Marlene Olson said...

I love the Western Homes! I am an artist from Montana and would like to know your opinion of my work:
Marlene Olson

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are bEaUTIfulll...Mel's Cabin is a new follower...I'm also going to check out Marlene art...thanks!