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A Stylish Sofa

I love sofas and I often change the sofa in my living room. Although I sometimes find it hard to find a space in the house where to place my old sofa, I still can not resist the temptation of buying a new one especially if there will be a special occasion or a party in the house. As it is my hobby to browse the net for new and exceptional furniture especially sofas, I chance upon this wonderful piece of sofa, This DS 152 sofa designed by Jane Worthington for De Sede Switzerland, and it is now on my personal wishlist this year. De Sede of Switzerland is known for creating extraordinary furniture for nearly 50 years that puts the living in your living room, and true enough with this sofa, they once again lived up to the De Sede credo: The culture of excellence. There is no place for the mediocre or pedestrian.

This sofa is perfect for our times, a sofa that provides relaxation, comfort, and style. I can think of a lot of things how I can enjoy this sofa, with the feature of having the TV, video, DVD, and Internet right beside me is totally appealing. And with its extra space, you can snuggle with your extra special someone while watching a film or your favorite Television show or you can have your child have his siesta right beside you while you are doing your online activities. Or I can probably do away with my computer table and work just right in this sofa. And its unusual shape just adds up to its appeal.

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