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Splendid Tubs

The queen of the bathroom is the bathtub. It is usually the one being scrutinized by your guests when they enter your bathroom. An elegant bathtub reflects the owner’s affinity to the finer things in life and it will definitely add beauty to the interior design of your bathroom. Choosing a bathtub can be very complicated for a homeowner who is seriously into making his/her bathroom make a statement of comfort and elegance. Bathtubs come in many shapes and sizes, oval, rectangle, round, six-cornered, etc. But the one thing that must be given great consideration is the space that can be used for the tub and the entire look of the interiors of the bathroom itself. Even if my principle in bathtubs is, the roomier the better, the size and the shape of the bathtub needs to be taken in serious consideration with space allotted for it. Another thing to take into consideration is the availability of water to fill your tub and the need to have an adequate water heater to meet the water requirements of your chosen tub, even if you like a two-person sized tub but you do not want to consume a lot of water and waste money from it then it is better to buy a single-sized tub. But of course, a very nice looking bathtub that will allow you to relax and take warm baths in it, with the addition of some mood lights and a few scented candles will definitely be worth the effort you put in choosing and buying it. Below are some of the most splendid bathtubs you can find.

Amethyst Bathtub from Baldi

Wood Bathtub - Madera Rondes - M5 from WS Bath Collections

Neo-Metro Collection Cerine Tub

Copper Eastwood Soaking Bath from Diamond Spas

Kali Art Wenge from WS Bath Collections

Shenandoah Copper Soaking Bath from Diamond Spas

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