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Light Emitting Wallpaper

Wallpapers add beauty to our homes. With a lot of design varieties to choose from, it is easy for us to find something that will be appropriate for the interior design of our home and something that will fit our budget. Even if there are some people who say that using wallpapers are obsolete and unsanitary, still there are people who would opt to use wallpapers. Wallpapers available today are more durable and easier to apply. It is also a good decorating technique to combine the use of wall paints and wall papers.

There is a new kind of wall paper in the market today by Netherlands Designer Jonas Samson, it is the Light Emitting Wallpaper. Yes, this wallpaper emits light and is therefore can be a source of light just like the ordinary bulbs you use in your room. The light emitting function can be turned on and off, and when the light function is off, it simply functions as ordinary and regular wallpaper, a designed covering of your walls. The good part about this light emitting wallpaper is that it consumes very little power because it is made of light emitting diodes (LEDs) that are inexpensive and consume little power. This light emitting wallpaper has a very great potential to be a common household accessory and a substitute to our regular light bulbs since it means lower purchase price and a lower electric bill. Having this kind of wallpaper in your rooms especially in the bedrooms can evoke a romantic and soothing atmosphere. Children themed light emitting wallpapers will also be a great addition to your child's bedroom, it will definitely stimulate his sense of wonder and amusement. This can be used instead of a lamp shade and the design patterns of the light in the wallpapers are eye-catching.

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