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Decorating your Kid’s Room

Your kid needs his/her own space in the house where he can feel that it is his own domain. Interior design for a kid’s room should be exciting, lively, and a bit whimsical for them to enjoy their stay in their own private space. Make a room that they will remember for a lifetime. In decorating your child’s room, there are certain things that every parent should consider.

First, involve your child in the planning and decorating process. Ask your child what color he/she wants for his/her room to have and what theme, if ever he/she has one, which he/she wants to incorporate in the room, most kids have a particular theme they love for their bedroom. You will be surprised at how imaginative kids can be when it comes to designing their own bedroom. They can be very imaginative sometimes that what they want might cost a lot, it is your part to be the logical one and tell them what kinds of furniture and design will be better in terms of cost. And respect their wishes that you can accommodate, if your child wants a green room and you prefer your boy to have a blue room, do not use your authority and force him to like a blue room. It is best to honor your child’s wishes when it comes to the color of his bedroom, after all he/she will be the one staying there every night. Or you can add the colors you want for combination with his chosen color. In choosing a theme for your child’s bedroom, consider his hobbies and interests, if you have an aspiring car racer, then go for the Nascar theme bedroom. If your child loves dinosaurs, choose beddings and fixtures that have dinosaurs on them.

Second, choose bedroom furniture and accessories that are child-friendly. Make sure that the edges of the things you will put inside their rooms are not hard, and will not hurt them when they are bumped there especially their head. It is always better to be safe than sorry, you do not want to worry every time they are alone in their room playing or spending time alone there. Also choose decors that are not breakable, children can be so clumsy sometimes that you do not want them to break things and get cuts from it. And as much as possible choose items and accessories that are not too expensive, you do not want to go on a rage when your child breaks something very expensive. Children have no qualms in throwing things and jumping around, they know how to enjoy themselves in the present moment and sometimes by being too energetic they break or ruin something, so again do not do not put expensive breakable items. And also depending on their age, do not put things that can be swallowed, and use paints that are lead free, washable, and durable. This will save you a lot of future headaches and expenditure.

Third, have some storage space for their little knick knacks. Train them to put their things in these storage spaces after they use it. You do not want a well-designed kid’s room with so much clutter everywhere. Also, have cabinets and closets for them to display their favorite toys and their pictures, it will give them a sense of ownership and pride in their own little space. Have a board where they can hang their drawings, doodles, and art works.

And lastly, doing the interior design for your child’s bedroom/room should not be a burden for you, make it a fun and exciting activity for you and your child, a bonding moment that you will both remember forever.

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