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The Importance of using Complimenting Pieces

My childhood friend Phine and her husband is currently building their first house, her husband told her that he would give her a free hand in choosing the furniture and interior design of the house in one condition, that the bathroom must be really gorgeous, gorgeous enough for him to be able to drink his coffee inside it. Although I would not know why any person would pass up a chance to decorate or at least meddle with his better half in the decoration process of their love nest, but nonetheless he deserves to get a nice bathroom, he worked abroad and they saved for years to be able to build the house of their dreams.

Phine knows that I have a blog about beautiful things for the house, so she asked me if I could feature some really good bathrooms. She really loved the Stylish Sinks I featured not so long ago. I said that what is important in decorating or furnishing a space is the creativeness of the person doing it and the comfort of the people who will eventually use that space. Since she will be decorating the bathroom herself and choosing the materials to be used I caution her to choose materials or pieces that will compliment each other when put together. And it is always best to decide first the kind of interior design you would implement and then look for each of the materials needed first and when you complete all the materials, only then it is the time to buy them all. It is not good to buy a sink that you like first and then look for faucets and accessories to buy at a different time, because you might have a hard time looking for pieces that will compliment each other for the design you chose. You may opt to buy different pieces at different times but it may be time-consuming and nerve-racking to fit them all together. And of course there are always stores that have a display area where you can get an idea of what pieces go together.

Just look at these materials below, when they are on their own, you can not quite see the beauty in them, but look at the picture of the bathroom above, just below the title where all of these materials are put together, marvelous to eyes.

The photo above is “Inspired by the traditional elegance of early 1900s American design, the Bancroft Suite by Kohler embodies a nostalgic aesthetic that achieves universal appeal for today's bathrooms.”

Sorry Phine I haven't featured bathroom photos and ideas, next time you will see quite a lot of beautiful bathrooms with the design you chose. I just have to point out the importance of using complimenting pieces in interior design.

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