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I Luv Teapots

I so love teapots, especially those that gives a feeling of warmth in spite of its uniqueness. Here are a couple of unique teapots that I have found around the net but also exudes warmth and delight.

The Juke Box Teapot
Swineside 2000 Collection

Rare Intarsio Teapot modelled on Joseph Chamberlain
Designed by Frederick Rhead

Cow Teapot
Andy Titcomb Collection

Bird Chintz on Blue Teapot
Roses and Teacups

Sun Tzu's The Art of War Teapot
Yixing Teapots (Necessiteas)

Mars Sterling Silver Teapot
By Raju Peddada
Dragon Egg Teapot
Yixing Teapots (Necessiteas)

From Patchwork Pottery
Bath Mermaid Tea Pot
Swineside 2000 Collection
Quack Quack the Duck Teapot
From Lorna Bailey 2002 Collection

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Carla said...

Thank you for this. I love teapots too. My teapot collection has been in storage for years while waiting to sell our house (ugh, this real estate market!) and move to another state. So it was good to see a bunch of teapots in one place.

I particularly like the patchwork one. Very cool. :-)

bethandrobert Reynoles said...

Love your teapots. I collect teapots. said...

Love your collection! I really love the Chintz with roses and birds. Would you happen to know where I could purchase.thank you said...

Would love to purchase the birds and roses