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Futon Lounger and Sofa

Futon loungers, sofas and beds are great to have because of their comfort and versatility. They can easily be folded and stored away. It is useful when you are always having family and friends visiting. Futons blend well in zen style and eastern style environments.

Futon is the expression Americans use to refer to the traditional Japanese bedding system. Japanese use the word shikibuton, meaning mattress. The American concept expanded to a broader definition, which includes either the mattress, or the convertible furniture it sits upon, or both. According to Wisegeek
photo source: West Elm


Anonymous said...

I really like the furniture you have on this blog. As the owner of a futon website at this furniture has certainly given me some inspiration. Thanks Glenn

Furniture said...

Oh my goodness! I'm in love with this sofa....