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Bathroom Ideas and Designs

These bathroom ideas and designs I found from the web are for my dear childhood friend who is currently in the process of building their family home after years of saving and aspiring for a dream home. A beautiful interior design for a house is not complete without a nice-looking bathroom. She asked me to feature some beautiful bathrooms to give her an idea on how to design hers. I hope these bathroom pictures will inspire her and make her creative side come alive. I hope she will be able to provide her husband a bathroom that is gorgeous and sleek enough that her husband can even take his coffee inside it. These bathroom ideas and designs will hopefully excite Phine and help her choose the right color, look, and fixtures for her own soon-to-be delightful bathroom.

In the decades past bathrooms are allotted the smallest space for a room in the house, but not anymore. With the emergence of stylish bathroom fixtures and accessories, more and more people opted to give their bathroom space and elegance that was just accorded before for a living room, dining room, or bedroom.
Many design styles for bathrooms have come up and are coming up still because of the new fascination of people to make their bathroom not only a place for bath and natural necessities but also a place that imbibes relaxation, aesthetics, and of tranquility. Today’s homeowners are also making a statement with the design of their bathrooms, their personality is oftentimes reflected in the look and style of their bathroom interiors.

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Burt said...

Very nice bathroom photos. You've done a very good job!

Come visit sometime...


sallymington said...

Beautiful bathroom pics. I'm bookmarking your site, i need some inertia design ideas for when we buy our new house next year.